Company Culture

Company Culture

Our Principle: 

Upholding the dominant technologies!

Advocating industry norms!

leading superior quality!

Advancing Corporate civilization!    

Business philosophy:


Teamwork: One Tcbest, one home, grow together !
Sincerity: Sincerity, integrity and goodwill to customers and market!
Innovation: Never stop to explore, never stop to innovate, never stop to develop!

Gratitude: Best reciprocation to our society, customers, shareholder and employees with gratitude! Creating a more harmonious society is our long-term goal!

Business policy:

1. Quality Policy:
Offering the best value to our customers by constantly understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customers’ demands and expectations.
2. Environmental Policy

Minimizing the  impact on environment!
Enhancing employees’ environment consciousness!
Advancing corporation civilization!
leading green living!

Company Memo:
Thinking with impartiality!

Communicating with candidness!

Sincerity to help weakness!

Learning to advance with the times!

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