Battery Safety

1. Please read the manual carefully before using it in order to ensure proper use of the battery.

2. Do not place battery in a device with the (+) and (-) in the wrong way around.

3. Do not use battery with dry batteries and other primary batteries, or battery of a different package, type, or brand.

4. Do not charge primary battery.

5. When charging the battery, use dedicated chargers and follow the specified conditions.

6. While the battery pack is charged, used and stored, keep it away from objects or materials with static electric charges.

7. Do not heat or throw battery into a fire and water.

8. Do not short-circuit, in case of battery exploding, leakage or other casualty.

9. Stop using the battery if abnormal heat, odor, discoloration, deformation or abnormal condition is detected.

10. Store battery out of reach of children so that they are not accidentally swallowed.

11. If liquid leaking from the battery gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes, flush eyes thoroughly with clean water at least for 15 minutes, lift upper and lower lids until no evidence of the chemical remains. seek medical attention.

12. Do not put battery in your pockets or a bag together with metal objects such as necklaces. Hairpins, coins, or screws. Do not store battery with such objects.

13. Do not pierce battery with a sharp object such as a needle.

14. When not using battery for an extended period, remove it from the equipment and store in a place with low humidity and low temperature.

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