Differences On Alu Foil&PVC Jacket

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Many clients have no ideas about the differences on Alu Foil&PVC
Here are some examples pictures can help you understand better.

1.Color difference:

As you can see, the original color of alu foil is sliver white  but PVC is clear lucite .

Alu foil has glue on back side ,but PVC doesn't.


2.Production difference:

Alu foil jackets should be stick on cells ,but PVC is tubing with cells


3.Quality difference:

Alu Foil is more qualified, however PVC jackets would be fade color and be oxidized after 6 month from production.


4.MOQ difference:

Normally, the MOQ of Foil required 100K pieces, and PVC are 300K pieces at least since less number means cost highly

5.Application difference:

Alu Foil: Alkaline Battery-Super/Ultra(LR03-AAA, LrR6-AA, LR14-C, LR20-D,6LR61-9V, 23A, 27A,LR1N)

              Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery-Ready To Use/ Low Self Discharge(AAA,AA,C,D,9V)                                                                                         Lithium Battery-Customized Private label (Li-FeS2 AA/AAA,CR123A,CR2,18650 series)

PVC:Carbon Zinc Battery(R03-AAA, R6-AA, R14-C, R20-D, 6F22-9V)

         Industrial Lithium Battery, Industrial Ni-MH&Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery Series.



1.Flu foil for alkaline normally, but if huge quantities and low target market, PVC also available.

2.PVC for carbon zinc based on 300K MOQ, consindering Foil if small qty.

3.Choosing label based on your actual market situation, do not only care about cheap price.

We are not looking forward to sell you once.

We want to become your battery supplier and focus on long term cooperation 

Hey dear clients,

I'am Winne from Tcbest battery, your professional solution provider and partner in battery field.

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